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Car Camping: A different way of camping

One of the first camping experiences most people had was the ‘car camping experience. But what is car camping? And how can you ensure you have a positive car camping experience?

Whenever possible, we should ignite our passion for the great outdoors. Pack your bags immediately and hit the road to explore!

Whether they’ve bought a caravan or an airstream or are camping in a good old-fashioned way, many of us spend time driving ourselves across town and country.

Car camping is perfect for new campers and long-term campers alike. In fact, most campgrounds in state and national parks have direct vehicle access to the campsite.

Car camping is practically any camping where you can drive your car to a campground, park, and camp. This makes camping easier because you don’t have to think about the weight of every item. You just need to think about how much you can fit in your car. Car camping allows you to bring more and heavier gear with you. It allows you to bring heavy camping gear that you wouldn’t consider bringing on a backpacking trip, such as a generator, grill, large tent, cooler, etc.

So how do you plan the perfect car camping trip?

Firstly, do a good rundown of the whole trip plan, mainly what you plan to do and where you plan to go. We recommend including some affordable and quality durable storage boxes to stock up on food, as well as planning for cheap petrol stations and campsites. Next, invest in some quality equipment such as chairs, hammocks, cookers, tents, sleeping bags, and so on and you’re on the right track. Don’t forget to plan your meals before you leave. We like to bring a trusty cooler and other camping cookware to enjoy the taste of home-cooked meals. And of course, don’t forget to double-check your camping checklist!

A good quality tent is waterproof and can withstand moderate to heavy rain. A good quality sleeping bag and sleeping mat are more comfortable than sleeping in a car! A full set of cooking tools will allow you to make better-tasting food. Portable table and chair furniture will also enhance your comfort at the campsite. Powtegic is fully prepared for your car camping, but of course, not only that.

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