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The grappling hook is a tool used for climbing and is often used in emergency situations. It consists of a rope with a hook at the end, which is attached to a secure object. The user throws the hook over an obstacle and uses the rope to pull themselves up.

Grappling hooks are often used by firefighters and rescue workers to quickly scale walls or reach high places. They can also be used by climbers to ascend cliffs or other vertical surfaces. In some cases, grappling hooks are used as weapons, either to entangle an opponent or to pull them off balance.

Some grappling hooks can be shot from a crossbow or similar device, while others must be thrown by hand. The type of hook and the length of rope will vary depending on the intended use. Grappling hooks are typically made from steel or other strong materials, as they need to be able to support a significant amount of weight.

Whether you are a professional climber or just someone looking for a way to get over an obstacle, a grappling hook can be a useful tool. Just be sure to practice using it in a safe area before you attempt to use it in an emergency situation.