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A good dog collar is an essential part of responsible dog ownership. A properly fitted collar with ID tags can save your dog's life if he ever gets lost. And a comfortable, sturdy collar is a must for daily walks and other adventures. Tactical dog collars are made of high-quality material, very durable, and wear-resisting. Soft and comfortable padded inner won’t hurt the dog’s fur and can protect the dog’s neck well. 

The Powtegic ID Custom Heavy Duty Dog Collar has a special control handle, and can efficiently control your dog when training, patrolling, hiking, jogging, hunting, camping, working, running, jumping, traveling, or camping, fits lots of medium and large dogs. This tactical dog collar features an integrated collar, Velcro, and a quick-release metal buckle in a dual design. The adjustable dog collar is easy to put on and take off and the cobra buckle can be released quickly in case of emergency. The padded lining is soft and will not hurt the skin and fur of your dog.

The Powtegic Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collar is suitable for all types of small, medium, and large dogs, you can add or remove individual links from the collar as needed to fit your dog’s neck. The smooth, rounded tip of the collar ensures that it won’t hurt your dog while ensuring significantly less pulling when walking. Black cap covers protect your dog from injury.

The Powtegic Dominant Dog Nylon Training Collar is a one-piece collar, no need to buy a separate collar. It is quick to correct and has a leash chute that allows the collar to be adjusted to fit any neck size. The leash prevents the dog from pulling without hurting him.

Effectively prevent the dog from strangling and dermabrasion when suddenly bursting.  The Powtegic tactical dog collar is a good choice for dog training. Suitable for almost all activities, you can use the tactical collar for dog training, patrol, hiking, jogging, hunting, camping, working, running, jumping, traveling, camping, etc.

The Tactical Dog Collars are a great choice for big dogs. One of them is made of black stainless steel and all have an adjustable collar size. The collar also features a handle that makes it easy to grip and hold onto your dog. The Tactical Dog Collars are a best-selling product and are sure to keep your dog safe and secure.

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