Screws, a common type of fastener, are widely used in machinery, electrical appliances, and buildings. Generally made of metal or plastic, they are cylindrical in shape and have a concave and convex groove on their surface called a thread. The thread is a helical inclined surface that surrounds the side of the screw, allowing the screw to be locked to a cap (nut) or other objects that has a thread on the inside of the object corresponding to the screw, called an internal thread. The internal threads on these objects are called internal threads. Generally, internal threads on screw caps or other objects require additional machining, but there is a type of screw called a self-tapping screw that can be cut into softer objects and therefore does not require special machining.

The main function of a screw is to join two objects or to hold an object in position. Screws can usually be removed or re-fastened at will without loss of efficiency, provide more strength than nails, and can be reused.

The screws on the helmet are essential not only for securing the rails and the NVG Mount kit but also for preventing the helmet from disintegrating. All helmet screws are made of high-quality metal for a strong, durable, and secure connection, ensuring the stability of the helmet.

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Copyright © 2022 Powtegic. All Rights Reserved.
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