The Plate Carrier Vest is covered with PAL webbing on the front, sides, and back, allowing you to carry any accessory based on the actual tactical scenario. Each connection point and personalization option on the Vest is provided by MOLLE Webbing. It is possible to mount tactical pouches on both sides of the cummerbund with MOLLE systems. The front Molle pocket comes with a lock and hook & loop to keep important documents handy. Rope locks and shockproof ropes can be hidden behind military equipment for added comfort and waist and size adjustment. The Plate Carrier vest opens and closes instantly, with quick-open connectors at the shoulder and waist that open and close immediately when needed.

In addition to padded adjustable shoulder straps, tactical vests come with very strong side straps. The airflow panel is made of breathable 3D mesh that improves air permeability while reducing friction, ensuring air permeability and movement comfort even in extreme temperatures. 

Ideal for airsoft, training, missions, paintball, CS games, war games, hunting or other outdoor activities.

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Copyright © 2022 Powtegic. All Rights Reserved.
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