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Tactical Harness

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Tactical harnesses are designed to be highly functional, adjustable, and durable. They are a requirement for many working and service dogs, as well as companion dogs who enjoy many outdoor adventures with their owners.

Tactical pet harnesses are a useful accessory for military or police dogs working in the field, but also for your domestic pets, allowing you to better train and control them. The PowTegic’s tactical dog harnesses are versatile and often feature the MOLLE system, which allows you to mount packs and equipment for more storage space.

Tactical Dog Harnesses are made from high-quality materials to enhance comfort and safety and to ensure they last. Made of high-quality and durable nylon material with neat stitching. Durable and soft padded for a comfortable fit. 2 OR 3 OR 4 quick-release buckles for easy put on and off while providing extra security. The anti-pull dog harness puts no pressure on the dog’s neck and the pressure is evenly distributed over the body to prevent pulling and choking. Velcro area you can use to paste your pet’s ID.

It’s fully adaptable to different outdoor environments. There is an internal filling made of soft foam lining for more comfortable wear. Our Tactical Harnesses are great for Service dogs, Emotional support dogs, Police and working dogs, Hunting dogs, and Outdoor companion dogs.

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