Waterproof Nylon Tactical Dog Harness


This tactical dog harness currently has 4 colors (black tactical dog harness, red tactical dog harness, pink tactical dog harness, and purple tactical dog harness) and 6 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL ), which meet the basic needs of the growing and process.


Alloy D-ring hook-up upper leash for even force and easy dog walking.
The detachable personalised design of the calligraphy gives your dog a personal touch.
Japanese style adjustable snap fasteners for different sized dogs.
Safety belt buckle, easy to put on and take off, secure.
Interior mesh fabric, lightweight and breathable.
Night reflector for easy night travel.
PVC riot grip, wrapped in PVC. Easily stressed if you don't hold your hand.

Main Features:

? Waterproof & Breathable: Waterproof heavy-duty nylon material dog harness for ruggedness and durability. This Powtegic Waterproof NylonTactical Dog Harness features a breathable air mesh padded base to ensure your dog is more comfortable. There is good padding in every stress area for extra comfort. Protects the dog’s fur and has a very good heat dissipation.

? No Pull & No Choke: These black tactical dog harness / red tactical dog harness / pink tactical dog harness / purple tactical dog harness is designed with 2 sturdy metal rings for securing.  The pulling pressure is evenly distributed over the body to prevent pulling and choking. The front clip stops the dog from pulling when walking and trains the dog to walk beside you; the back clip can be used for relaxed walking, hiking, jogging, etc. And the special design distributes the pulling pressure evenly to the body to avoid choking.

? Freely Adjustable: The leash has an adjustable chest strap with a buckle to allow free movement of its body parts.

? Multi-Color Dog Collor: There are black tactical dog harnesses, red tactical dog harnesses, purple tactical dog harnesses, and pink tactical dog harnesses in 6 different sizes, unique color tactical dog harness looks attractive on your dog. This high-quality, functional dog harness will also make your dog look super cool.

? Heavy-Duty D-Shaped Ring: Lightweight and wear-resistant, anti-rust, which can be attached dog leash.

? Highlight Reflective Stripes: Soft nylon fabric with reflective stripes for safe visibility at night. Long-distance light source sensing always protects the dog’s safety.

? Versatile: This tactical dog harness s equipped with 2 metal rings that are strong and durable and resistant to rust. You can choose different rings depending on the purpose of use, the front ring on the chest for anti-pull training and the back ring on the back for daily activities, jogging, walking, etc.


  • Item Name: Powtegic Waterproof NylonTactical Dog Harness
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black / Red / Pink / Purple
  • Size: XS / S / M / L / XL

                                              Size Chart


Neck Girth Chest







29-36 CM 41-49 CM 4-7 KG 170g


37-47 CM 45-59 CM 7-15 KG 180g
M 45-59 CM 55-71 CM 14-25 KG


L 50-65 CM 60-81 CM 23-30 KG


XL 57-75 CM 69-94 CM 28-40 KG



Note: Manual measurements are for reference only. Please loosen 1-2cm when measuring the chest circumference.

Why Choose Our Poetegic Waterproof NylonTactical Dog Harness?

Make sure you both enjoy the walk with a professionally designed tactical dog harness that has an additional reinforced ‘no-pull’ front clip that acts more like a gentle seat belt for over-excited small or big pups.

Clip the leash in front (on the dog’s chest) and your dog will be turned around instead of continuing forward and pulling every time he/she tries to pull on the leash. Soon your dog will learn not to pull and will gradually develop a no-pull behavior.

Prevent your little rascal from slipping out of the harness and escaping. Protect your beautiful puppy from choking with a sudden pulling. Ideal for small, medium, or large puppies until they are fully grown.

Durable nylon handles further increases the distance between the dog and is closer to each other. It is also the best dog maintenance partner and is easy to control your dog.

Additional information


Purple, Black, Pink, Red


XS, S, M, L, XL


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