What Should You Bring to Boot Camp-Army Packing List

The army packing list is a document that outlines the items that soldiers are required to bring with them to boot camp. The list is typically divided into categories, such as clothing, bedding, hygiene, and miscellaneous. Soldiers are responsible for ensuring that they have all of the items on the list before they arrive at boot camp.

Some of the items on the army packing list may seem strange to civilians, such as bug spray and sunscreen. However, these items are essential for soldiers to have in order to protect themselves from the elements. Other items, such as extra socks and underwear, are important because soldiers will be living in close quarters with other people and will need to be prepared for any eventuality.

The army packing list is a helpful guide for soldiers who are preparing for boot camp. By following the list, soldiers can be sure that they have everything they need to make their experience as successful as possible.


Undergarments and Socks

Undergarments are an important part of the army packing list. Soldiers are required to bring enough underwear and socks to last the entire duration of boot camp. It is recommended that soldiers bring at least seven pairs of underwear and fourteen pairs of socks. Soldiers should also make sure to pack extra undergarments in case of emergencies.

PT uniform

The Physical Training uniform, or PT uniform, is a type of clothing worn by soldiers during physical training. The PT uniform consists of a sweat-resistant shirt, shorts, and socks. Soldiers are required to wear the PT uniform when they participate in physical training activities. The PT uniform helps soldiers stay cool and comfortable while they exercise.

Service uniform

Most new recruits will be issued their service uniform upon arrival at boot camp. This uniform consists of a button-up shirt, trousers, and a belt. The uniform will be either blue or white, depending on the branch of the military. recruits are responsible for keeping their uniforms clean and pressed. They will also need to wear the proper footwear, which includes black dress shoes and socks.


The most important item on the army packing list is a good pair of boots. Soldiers will be doing a lot of walking, and they need to have footwear that is comfortable and supportive. Boots should be broken in before soldiers arrive at boot camp, so they don’t get blisters or other foot problems. soldiers should also bring a spare pair of boots, just in case their primary pair gets wet or damaged.

Rucksack or duffle bag

The rucksack or duffle bag is one of the most important items on the army packing list. This bag will be used to carry all of your belongings with you to boot camp. It is important to choose a bag that is durable and comfortable to carry. You will also want to make sure that it is large enough to fit everything on the list.




Pillows are an important part of the army packing list. They provide soldiers with comfort and support while they are sleeping. Soldiers should bring two pillows with them to boot camp. One pillow should be used for sleeping and the other pillow should be used for resting their head while they are awake.


You will need to bring a set of twin sheets and a pillowcase with you to boot camp. You will be provided with a mattress, but you will need to bring your own bedding. The sheets should be made of a breathable material, such as cotton, to help you stay cool at night. You may also want to consider bringing a second set of sheets in case your first set gets wet.


The army packing list requires soldiers to bring a blanket with them to boot camp. The blanket will be used for sleeping and will need to be large enough to cover the entire bed. Soldiers should choose a blanket that is made of durable material that can withstand frequent washings. Wool or synthetic blankets are typically best for this purpose. The blanket should also be light enough to carry easily, as soldiers will need to transport it from place to place during their time at boot camp.




Toiletries are an important part of the army packing list. Soldiers are required to bring their own toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant. These items will be used on a daily basis, so it is important to make sure that they are packed. In addition, soldiers should also pack any prescription medications that they may need.

Laundry bag

The laundry bag is one of the most important items on the army packing list. This is because soldiers will need to keep their clothing and bedding clean during their time at boot camp. The laundry bag should be large enough to hold all of the soldier’s dirty clothes and bedding, and it should have a sturdy handle so that it can be easily carried. Soldiers should also label their laundry bags with their name and contact information so that they can be easily identified.


Spending money

You will need to bring spending money to cover items such as laundry, phone calls home, snacks and personal items from the base store. The amount of money you will need depends on your spending habits, but $100-$300 is a good estimate. You may also want to bring money to send home to your family. Money can be sent home through the Army’s Family Readiness Group or through private companies such as Western Union.

Postage stamps and envelopes

Postage stamps and envelopes are not typically included on an army packing list for boot camp. However, it is a good idea to bring a few stamps and envelopes with you, just in case you need to send a letter home. Most post offices will sell stamps and envelopes, so this should not be a problem. However, if you are unable to purchase them at the post office, you can always ask a friend or family member to send them to you.

Photos of family and friends

It is important to bring photos of family and friends to boot camp. These photos will help you with homesickness and provide you with a connection to your loved ones. It is also a good idea to bring along a few sentimental items, such as a favorite book or toy. These items will help you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings.



The items on this list are just a few examples of what you might need to bring to boot camp. Be sure to check with your specific branch of the military for a more comprehensive list.