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Show Your Pride

Sewn and ironed Air Force embroidered patches; sewn and ironed decorative patches made of high-quality fabric and adhesive solid material that will last for years. Decorate or repair your coat, bag, uniform, or jacket with this cool applique patch. Machine washable. Patches are made from premium industrial-strength polyester, and the patches made by high-precision woven machines are bright in color and clear in texture. The patches are suitable for tactical uniforms, packs, jackets, teams, backpacks, and hats. The hook-and-loop combination allows the patch to be attached to any textile. If you get one, it’s worth it. The perfect accessory for military enthusiasts, air force members, and veterans.

Excellent Decoration:

These high-quality patches are also great for any organization or business that wants to show off its logo or customize uniforms or other apparel. They can also be used as a fun way to reward employees or members for their hard work and dedication. Whether you are a member of the military, an enthusiast, or just looking for a unique way to show your support, these patches will do the job perfectly. They come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find the perfect patch for whatever use you have in mind. Show your pride and support with these awesome patches. Get yours today!