Avalanche Safety Gear & Equipment

When you decide to venture into mountainous and uncontrolled environments, it is essential that you are provided with avalanche safety equipment. We get it. It’s not pleasant to think about the worst that could happen, but if the unthinkable happens, it’s best that you’re fully prepared. Powtegic stocks a wide range of avalanche safety gear and equipment to ensure you’re protected from every eventuality.

You should carry avalanche gear with you.

As well as important safety items, avalanche airbag kits are fast becoming a must-have piece of safety equipment. If you are caught in an avalanche, pull the handle on the shoulder strap. This will allow the airbag to deploy and help keep you near the snow surface, making it easier to find and rescue you. While it is important to carry these avalanche safety items with you, it is equally important to understand how avalanches work. This will help you to identify high-risk situations and avoid potentially life-threatening situations.

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