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Practical & Durable Tactical Holders

A simple and lightweight carry-on bag is the best option for carrying supplies on your daily commute. As an equipment enthusiast, it is important that the bag has a tactical look, but is also functional with a large capacity, portable storage, and quick access while being cost-effective.

Powtigic’s Tactical Holders are designed for storing medicines, communication equipment, ID Badge Cards, EDC items, and other items while on the go.

Powtegic’s tactical backpack has a powerful carrying capacity and a comfortable back system, is wear-resistant, with a diverse mounting system.

All Powtegic’s Tactical Holders are lightweight and quick-access designs, have a very unique design, tactical style, superb storage design, and multiple compartments with large capacity, allowing us to sort all kinds of equipment, effectively solving our storage problems.

Suitable for airsoft, paintball games, and CS, but also for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and jungle exploration.