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A tactical helmet, also known as a Combat Helmet or Battle Helmet, is a helmet, part of the armor, specifically designed to protect the head in battle. Helmets are an ancient form of personal protective equipment and modern combat helmets generally tend to place a premium on impact resistance and ballistic effectiveness.

Tactical helmets have tended to be modular in design to meet the needs of combatants to fit various accessories to their helmets and lightweight. Allowing you to protect your head in combat/gaming/sports while not feeling weighted down and affecting your movement.

Powtegic helmets are made of high-quality engineering plastic on the outside, lined with soft cushioning material, with multiple air vents on the top of the head, which also serve to reduce weight, and some models have a night vision mount on the front of the head, as well as slots for goggles, etc. The adjustable chin strap allows one size to fit most people. Powtegic’s helmets are not only impact and shock-resistant, but they are also safe to wear and comfortable to wear. The helmet can also be fitted with rails and interfaces on both sides, and the front of the helmet can be more easily fitted with accessories.

Ballistic helmets are designed to protect the wearer’s head from shrapnel and fragments of various munitions fired. It also helps protect the head while providing protection against impact forces by absorbing shock and dissipating pressure. The construction of these helmets is usually heavy-duty and may include thick layers of plastic or composite materials. Ballistic helmets are also designed to protect against fragmentation from certain types of explosive devices and some kinds of bullets. The addition of armor plates in certain parts of the helmet can increase protection levels against specific types of ammunition.

NVG on ballistic helmets are designed to help the soldier or staff on duty see in low light and darkness. These goggles can be mounted onto the helmet itself, allowing for hands-free operation. NVG may also come with additional features such as infrared lasers for aiming and target acquisition, range finders, and other tools for observing surroundings in the dark.

Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops (PASGT) helmets is designed to provide protection against small arms fire and shrapnel from projectiles and other forms of weapons fire. This type of helmet is made from materials that can absorb the impact of bullets and fragmentation, as well as offer additional protection against blunt trauma. The PASGT helmet also provides a solid platform for mounting additional equipment such as NVG mounts, ear protection, and face shields.

The ballistic helmet, or tactical helmet from Powtegic.com as it is sometimes referred to, has become an essential piece of safety equipment in law enforcement operations. It provides protection against impacts, fragments, and bullets while allowing for hands-free operation. The addition of night vision goggles, more durable materials, and the incorporation of lightweight materials make tactical helmets a formidable piece of protective gear. Ballistic helmets are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different head sizes and styles, making them suitable for a wide range of personnel. With the help of ballistic vests, riot shields, and other protective gear, and soldiers can remain safe while out on duty.

By providing superior protection against shrapnel and bullets, fast helmets, also known as tactical helmets, are essential pieces of safety equipment for army personnel, and anyone else who needs protection from the elements. With the help of lightweight materials and ballistic vests, riot face shields, users can remain safe out in the field while still having the capability to perform their duties. From providing protection against fragmentation from explosive devices to absorbing the impact of bullets, fast helmets provide essential protection in various environments.

The versatility and durability of these helmets make them ideal pieces of safety equipment for any situation. Whether facing off with enemy combatants or simply patrolling an area, the right tactical helmet can provide invaluable protection. With the help of these helmets, staff on duty and army personnel can remain prepared for any situation. So when it comes to shielding yourself from harm, never leave home without your ballistic helmet. It could be the difference between life and death.

Finally, always remember to wear the proper protective gear such as gloves, boots, eyewear, and other items while working in dangerous environments. It’s not only important to have a ballistic helmet, but also all the other necessary safety equipment.

The ballistic helmets from Powtegic.com are designed to provide maximum protection and performance. Our ballistic helmets use future assault shell technology providing the highest level of ballistic protection available in a lightweight helmet. All of our tactical helmets are tested and rated at Level IIIA, capable of stopping multiple rifle rounds as per NIJ standards.

At Powtegic, we take safety and protection seriously. If you are in the market for a bulletproof helmet, we have some of the best tactical helmets available. Our selection of body armor has been designed to offer maximum protection in high-risk situations and tactical environments.

Law enforcement professionals are faced with multiple threats every day and need ballistic helmets that provide more protection than a standard duty helmet. Our tactical helmets are designed to provide the perfect fit, allowing for maximum comfort and stability when facing any situation.

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