The Best Backpack Coolers for Camping, Hiking, Sports & More

Whether you’re camping, cycling to a nearby park, fishing, hiking, or rafting down rapids, you can carry a backpack cooler to preserve food as well as chilled drinks. Carrying a backpack cooler is a handy option that will allow you to transport delicious snacks alone for free. This could mean tailgating after a running club party, taking your dog to the local softball game, or riding your cruiser to a barbecue in the park.

Some backpack coolers are also great for day hikes and picnics in remote alpine lakes. Others can be strapped to a motorbike, SUV, or raft for multi-day adventures. Backpack coolers are surprisingly sophisticated, offering a range of capacities, ice retention capabilities, and special features that help make your outdoor experience more comfortable and provide better cooling performance.

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