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Powtegic has the perfect ultimate combat gear for you: browse our combat gear page or our tactical gear page to discover a wide range of combat vests and chest gear, tactical gloves, tactical helmets, webbing faces, protective pads, tactical bags, and extended accessories. Our extensive range also includes impressive MOLLE pouches such as radio and magazine pouches as well as leg and utility pouches, all designed to perfectly suit your needs in any tactical situation. We have a full range of MOLLE and MOLLE-compatible military gear in a variety of colors and camouflages. Powtegic offers a wide selection of tactical combat gear for professionals, and airsoft/paintball players, and also for use with outdoor activities such as hunting and expeditions. Our gear is designed to provide maximum protection, comfort, and versatility in any environment. Moreover, Powtegic also specializes in custom combat gear tailored precisely to your specifications. So whether you are a professional soldier or law enforcement officer, an airsoft enthusiast, or an outdoor adventurer, we’ve got the perfect set of combat gear for you.

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