EDC | Everyday Carry Essentials

Everyday Carry (EDC) gear is used to help deal with the normal day-to-day needs of modern society, including possible emergencies. Daily essentials that you must carry with you in your pocket, pouch, or backpack during your outdoor activities. Equipped with the right pocket knife or a carefully selected multi-tool at the ready, we can pry, cut, tighten, wrench or fix the many challenges we encounter in everyday life. From pocket multi-purpose survival kits and mini pen flashlights to classic multi-tools, torches, small cargo storage solutions, and EDC bags, we have created this page as your guide to the most important EDC of the year.

Powtegic.com offers one of the most comprehensive collections of EDC gear on the web. Our product selection includes everything you need to stay organized, prepared, and safe in any situation. Our extensive range of Everyday Carry items encompasses various types of pocket tools, knives, multi-tools, flashlights, and a variety of other top-quality EDC essentials. Powtegic.com is the one-stop shop for all your EDC needs and helps you stay prepared for anything life throws at you! Browse through our selection today and find the perfect EDC gear for your unique lifestyle.

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