Hiking Gaiters

Gaiters are garments worn on the bottom of shoes and pants or pant legs and used primarily as personal protective equipment; a similar garment used primarily for display is the spatula. Originally, Gaiters were made of leather or canvas. Today, Gaiters for walking are usually made of plasticized synthetic cloth such as polyester. Gaiters used on horseback are still made of leather. They cover the gap between the pants and boots, with the top just below the knee. There is usually a drawstring to help adjust the elasticity. Wearing a lariat, while largely preventing most snake bites, does not provide 100% protection.

Powtegic.com offers a wide range of Gaiters, such as waterproof Gaiters, lightweight Gaiters, and insulated Gaiters. Our gaiters are made with adjustable straps and buckles to provide the best fit for any outdoor activity. They are designed to keep debris and water from entering your shoes and pants. Our Gaiters are breathable, and lightweight, and offer superior protection from rain, snow, wind, mud, dirt, rocks, and other obstacles you may encounter while hiking or walking in the wilderness. With Powtegic’s selection of Gaiters, you will be sure to find the perfect one for your next outdoor adventure. Shop now and be prepared to take on the elements!

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