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MOLLE Vests & Carriers | Tactical Vests

MOLLE stands for “Modular Light Load Equipment” and has rows of heavy-duty nylon fabric “pocket attachment ladder systems” called PALS, which are sewn onto tactical backpacks, vests, and much other equipment. In addition to its ergonomic design, our MOLLE vest comes with adjustable shoulder straps and versatile Molle webbing. The high-quality fabric and breathable mesh lining make it strong, durable, and comfortable.The MOLLE system either comes in the form of laser-cut panels on the vest with channels throughout or rows of heavy-duty nylon loops called PALS (Pocket Attachment Ladder System) webbing. These attachment points allow for additional MOLLE-compatible devices to be attached via straps on the woven back of the nylon webbing. With the MOLLE vest, the user can configure where and how their tactical equipment is mounted, in addition to ensuring that the weight is evenly distributed around the body without impeding movement. Allowing the user to adapt to almost any task without the risk of gear falling off when in the field. Essential Items for Your Tactical Vest: Flashlight, Compass, Molle Mag Pouch, Hydration bladder, Pepper spray, Multi-tool, Medical pouch, etc.