A handpicked selection of tactical products for your pet companion or working dog! You can find the best products for your working dog in the outdoors, such as service dogs, therapy dogs, police dogs, detection dogs, search and rescue dogs, sheepdogs, or just your small domestic pets (kittens and small, medium, and large dogs), Powtegic is committed to providing the best dog tactical gear for your pet.

Pet Tactical Supplies include tactical leashes, tactical collars, and tactical harnesses. Our pet tactical gear is made from high-quality materials. When looking for the best tactical gear for your pet, Powtegic is sure to be a good fit for you!

Tactical pet gear must be rugged and durable against all obstacles and difficult terrain to help and protect our brave companions. In our Tactical range of gear, you will find the most durable tactical harnesses/vests, collars, and leashes. Shop our tactical gear and overcome all obstacles and terrain with your hard-working pets.

Tactical pet harnesses and vests are very useful accessories for service dogs working in the field. Powtegic’s tactical pet harnesses are versatile and often feature the MOLLE system, which allows for the fitting of packs and equipment. Tactical harnesses are made from high-quality materials to enhance comfort and safety and to ensure they last.

Powtegic offers the best tactical pet harness vests at affordable prices. Ideal for service, working and hunting dogs as well as outdoor companion dogs.

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