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A ski touring binding is a special binding that allows you to attach your skis to your boots on the uphill and then release them on the downhill. There are several different types of ski touring bindings, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Alpine Touring (AT) bindings: AT bindings are the most popular type of ski touring binding. They offer a wide range of adjustability and are relatively easy to use. Many AT bindings also have built-in brakes, which help prevent the ski from getting out of control.

Telemark Bindings: TelemarkBindings are designed for telemark skiing and they offer a more natural range of motion than AT bindings. telemark bindings usually do not have built-in brakes so you will need to purchase them separately.

Plate Binding: Plate bindings are a type of alpine binding that are sometimes used for ski touring. Steel plate bindings offer good downhill performance and are relatively easy to use, but can be less comfortable when travelling uphill.

Randonee bindings: Randonee bindings are similar to alpine touring bindings, but they provide a more natural range of motion for uphill travel. Randonee bindings are often used by mountaineers and other cross-country skiers who need extra flexibility.