Selected Heavy-Duty Tri Bars For Your Bikes

The tri-bar, also known as the aerial bar or triathlon bar, is a grip designed to be used in an aerodynamic position. The aerodynamic position is achieved by positioning the rider’s body in such a way that wind resistance is minimized. In time trials and triathlons, tri bars can significantly reduce drag and improve performance.

The tri-bar is usually attached to the brake lever of a road bike and consists of two short handles that extend outwards from the main bar. The rider holds these handlebars in an aerodynamic ‘tucked in’ position, with elbows close to the body and hands together. This reduces wind resistance and makes the rider more aerodynamic.

Triple bars can be used in both time trials and road races, but are most effective in time trials where the rider tends to race for time over other competitors. They can also be used in windy conditions to help keep the rider more stable.

Powtegic has prepared some options for you from which you can choose the tri-bar that best suits your bike.

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