The backpack, also known as a mountaineering bag, was initially named after the backpack used by mountaineers to carry supplies and equipment. It was loved by mountaineers because of its scientific design, reasonable structure, ease of loading, comfort, ease of carrying, and the fact that it facilitated long-distance trekking. Nowadays, the meaning of a mountaineering bag is far from limited to mountaineering, as some people also like to use these packs for traveling, exploring, camping, or fieldwork.

Backpacking is a simple form of camping, using lightweight specialist equipment and carrying minimal supplies to start a long trek of up to several hours.

Powtigic’s Hiking Backpacks are designed for long-distance hiking and touring, with a more supportive, relatively simple, lighter weight backpack and a more sortable load design for general camping and traversing activities.

Different volume options to suit your different uses, whether you are camping, hiking, climbing or skiing, or backpacking. A good carrying system allows you to carry the backpack without much effort.

Powtegic makes outdoor travel easy with a backpack designed for outdoor activities.

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Copyright © 2022 Powtegic. All Rights Reserved.
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