Most of the top camping gear is full of luxury and features that mimic home comforts. But unless you go out every weekend, or like to ‘glamp’ (the glamorous version of camping), this will be poor value for money.

In fact, now more than ever there is a wider choice of high-quality, affordable camping gear available and Powtegic can help you find the right direction. From essentials such as camping tents and sleeping bags to kitchenware such as camping cookers and coolers, we have it all at an affordable price. Many of the best camping tents retail for $400 or more and are made from high-end materials that can withstand inclement weather. But the truth is that we will be prepared to get the weather forecast well in advance of camping, and most people go out on a clear summer night and don’t need to spend more money on extra features or full storm protection.

Powtegic offers a tent that offers good privacy, made of waterproof oxford fabric that can make campers protected from light to moderate rain and creates a layer of separation between you and the bugs. Don’t worry about us using poor quality or generic materials, our tents are all made from high-quality waterproof oxford fabric, have plenty of space, are well-ventilated, are surprisingly durable, are easy to pitch, and can be done quickly by one person.

In the outdoors, the key ingredients for a quality night’s sleep are a good mattress and sleeping bag. Top-of-the-range camping mats can cost up to $200, but Powtegic’s sleeping bags and mats are both under $100 and will keep you warm and comfortable.

Lightweight and portable, they are a necessity for your camping trip. Premium camping cookers have a heat output and flame control to rival your home kitchen, but these can cost you $150 or more. For simple camping cooking, the Powtegic can meet all your needs with easy access to fuel that you don’t have to carry around with you and can easily access outdoors. You can certainly spend $100 or more on folding tables/camping chairs/camping sofas and you may be able to get a recliner or rocking chair, but it may be a little difficult in terms of weight and portability. In our opinion, a great camping chair just needs to be comfortable and stable. Powtegic’s folding tables and chairs are all made from tough materials, have a stable structure, and are foldable for easy carrying and recycled storage. The inflatable sofa is also easy to set up, allowing you to do it comfortably outdoors too. Whether on a campsite or in the mountains, bright light is always needed at night. There’s no need to buy expensive expedition lights – Powtegic’s lights will keep you going and guide you on your way. Lightweight, portable and durable. If your budget is relatively modest, you can find all your camping essentials in Powtegic: tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, folding tables and chairs, lamps, water purification equipment and cups, stoves, pots and pans, cutlery, trekking poles and rucksacks, even coolers and shower bags and portable toilets – you deserve a quality camping trip at a good price.

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