Camping Purification Water Filtration Kit

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Safely drink 2, 000L of water from almost any river, lake, spring, well or even rainwater with up to 4 different uses including filter extension, portable water storage and pre-filtration.

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Main Features:

FILTER MORE: Filters up to 2000 liters of natural freshwater without using any chemicals. 2000L clean and drinkable water in a backpack on the go.

VERSATILE DESIGN: Easily set up a DIY filtration system with soda bottles like Coca-Cola bottles, plastic bags, collapsible bottles, or buckets. Or drink directly from a water source like a straw.

BACKFLUSHING WITH EASE: Threads on filter on both sides. A handy 28mm thread bottle can be screwed on the water filter outlet for backwashing.

RELIABLE FILTERING RESULT: 0.1-micron membrane ensures 99.999999% removal rate of bacteria. TUV and SGS testing reports.

SUPERIOR MATERIAL: FDA-approved. Impact resistance and ultra-light L630 fit in the palm of your hand. Lifespan can be extended by backwash.


  • Filtration Pore Size: 0.1 micron
  • Size: 40*136mm
  • NW: 40g
  • Filtration Capacity:2000L
  • Water Flow:0.6L/min
  • Material: ABS, UF(medical grade), Silicone
  • The Optimum Temperature Range: 0℃-40℃
  • Accessories Included:

1) Powtegic Water Filter With Tip Cap
2) Bucket Or Plastic Bag Connector
3) Hose Clip
4) Silicone Hose

Why Choose Our Powtegic Camping Purification Water Filtration Kit?

Powtegic portable water filter uses a 0.1-micron ultrafiltration membrane (medical grade material) as filter media, which is effective against 99.99999% waterborne bacteria. The whole filtering process is physical filtration. Bacteria can not pass through the tiny hole in the membrane.

Backflush can rinse away impurities that the membrane has filtered from the water. Threads filter both sides. A handy 28mm thread bottle can be screwed on the filter’s water outlet for backwashing. You don’t need to keep a syringe on the go anymore.

1) When the flow rate slows, Powtegic water filter can be back-flushed with ease. Please use clean water only while back-flushing.
2) Before storing the Powtegic water filter, back-flush with clean water and then soak in a mild vinegar solution or mouthwash to disinfect the filter.
3) After cleaning, let the filtered air dry and store it in a cool and dry location.
More Ways to Use: ①Attach to a disposable plastic bag. The handy plastic bag becomes a reservoir immediately. You can create your own gravity filtration system instantly. ②Attach to 28 mm standard disposable water bottle. Most threads on pop or soda bottles are 28 mm in diameter. ③Attach to a bucket.

A compact size water filter is convenient to carry.

Good choice for camping, hiking, fishing, scouting, travel, survival use, or emergency supplies.

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