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Tactical Balaclava For Sale

The Tactical balaclava mask is made of quality fabric and is comfortable and light. Very effective in providing facial protection, mainly from wind, dust, and UV rays from airsoft, paintball, tactical training, hunting, motorcycles, or other sports. These soft masks are perfect for when the winter weather is harsh. The Tactical Balaclava Face Mask is specially tailored for your head and face to ensure that the part covering your nose does not easily fall off. Use a full head and neck mask in summer and winter. Balaclava mesh is breathable, absorbs sweat, and keeps it dry. It can also be worn well under tactical helmets and goggles to keep the face and head warm. Can be worn as a full hood or hat, open balaclava, sunscreen mask, half ski mask, neck cover, or Sahara-style ninja hoodie. Wear your own balaclava or helmet. People use Ajo balaclava for tactical training, air guns, paintball, hunting, skiing, running, horseback riding, fishing, snowboarding, motorcycling, hiking, and rock climbing. Great for women, men and children. This is the best gift for friends and family!