Laser Tag Set And Guns:7 Best Type

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Laser tag set is rapidly becoming a top choice for exciting live-action gaming, appealing to both kids and adults with their fun and interactive nature. Not only is playing laser tag at home a blast, but it also involves engaging social and strategic elements.

The market is filled with a variety of home laser tag sets, each varying in durability and complexity. As avid enthusiasts of laser tag, we have thoroughly tested and evaluated the top home laser tag equipment sets. From our extensive research, we have compiled a list of the top seven laser tag guns currently available for purchase.


Best 7 laser tag guns

Now, let’s delve into a more detailed exploration of my top seven selections for home laser tag sets.

Kidzlane home laser tag set

A top contender in the home laser tag market is this Kidzlane set, featuring four distinct colored blasters. These laser tag guns stand out for their impressive features coupled with an affordable price, making home entertainment both fun and budget-friendly.

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The set allows players to select various team modes, enabling either individual competition or team-based gameplay. Each blaster functions as multiple weapon types, such as a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, or rocket launcher. These weapon choices vary in ammo capacity and rate of fire, adding a strategic layer to gameplay where choosing the right weapon type is key for effective attacks and ammo management.

Options include purchasing this set for two players and in various colors. An added advantage is the compatibility of multiple sets; you can expand your game by adding more blasters, all of which can be integrated into a single game session.

What I appreciate about this set is how it combines advanced features with user-friendly operation. This balance makes the blasters ideal for both young kids and older children. The equilibrium among functionality, quality, and cost is perfectly achieved.

A note on this laser tag set

When searching for home laser tag guns online, you might observe that numerous sets seem remarkably alike. This similarity is not accidental.

Originally sold as the Call of Life laser tag set, this particular home laser tag set achieved massive popularity. Due to its success, many manufacturers have since released similar versions. While some variations exist in color schemes or the addition of vests, the fundamental design of the laser tag guns remains largely unchanged.

In our roundup of the finest home laser tag guns, we endorse the Kidzlane model, which currently stands out as the most dependable option available.

ArmoGear 4-Player laser tag set with vests

ArmoGear offers another highly favored home laser tag set akin to the Kidzlane version, with the notable addition of target vests.

Curiously, the blasters in this set also function as targets, rendering the vests an optional extra rather than a necessity. This design choice may seem slightly illogical – having both blasters and vests as targets isn’t entirely practical. Ideally, the targets would be limited to either the blasters or the vests, but not both.

Like the Kidzlane set, this ArmoGear laser tag set comes with comparable features. Players have the flexibility to select from various team modes and use different blaster-type settings. Additionally, the ArmoGear set enhances gameplay with unique extras like an invisibility mode, voice-guided directions, and a night vision flashlight, adding more depth and excitement to the experience.

Preferences vary: some enjoy using vests in laser tag, others do not. Personally, I prefer playing without vests, though children often find them appealing. The choice is ultimately yours, as the vests in this set are optional. You can decide whether to opt for a laser tag set with or without target vests.

However, it’s worth noting that this ArmoGear set stands out for its cool factor, offering impressive features and quality regardless of your vest preference.

Squad Hero rechargeable laser tag set

This set is the second one on our list featuring vests, bearing a striking resemblance to the ArmoGear set in terms of team and blaster options.

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A standout feature of the Squad Hero set is its rechargeable blasters, eliminating the need for costly battery replacements. It includes a charging station capable of charging all blasters at once. According to the manufacturer, each charge supports up to eight games, which is quite efficient.

Both the vests and blasters in this set are equipped with LCD screens, displaying vital information like lives, ammo, and battery status, with lives and team data being automatically synchronized.

In summary, this set is robust and advanced, ranking as one of the most sophisticated in our selection. The elimination of battery requirements is a notable innovation and a significant advantage.

For those interested in a 4-player laser tag set with vests, both the ArmoGear and Squad Hero models are excellent choices. They share many similarities in features and effects, with the primary distinction being the rechargeable nature of the Squad Hero set. However, it’s worth mentioning that ArmoGear also offers a rechargeable version.

Vatos 4-Player laser tag set

The standout aspect of the Vatos 4-player laser tag set is its distinct design. In a market teeming with similar-looking models, the unique appearance of these guns is a refreshing change.

Functionality-wise, these blasters align closely with others in the market, featuring four firing modes (rocket, machine gun, shotgun, and pistol), each with varying ammunition levels. They offer multi-player options, along with engaging voice and sound effects, and come with target vests. The infrared emission is safe and can reach up to 100 feet under optimal conditions.

For those seeking a durable, affordable laser tag set with a distinct aesthetic, the Vatos 4-player set is a commendable option.

Vatos, known for its reputation in toy manufacturing, has created a reliable product with this set. While the guns may not offer additional features beyond those mentioned previously, their unique design certainly adds to their appeal.

Laser X Revolution laser tag system

The Laser X Revolution Laser Tag System sets itself apart from many other laser tag sets with its unique design: the blasters are connected to small target vests via a short cable. This design choice doesn’t compromise comfort, but it’s an aspect to consider.

The vests are lightweight, and the connecting cable is unobtrusive. The advantage of using small vests as targets is the intuitive aim at an opponent’s vest rather than their blaster. Ultimately, whether to choose laser tag guns with or without vests is a matter of personal preference.

These Laser X blasters are enhanced with impressive light and sound effects, including a voice-over feature that provides real-time feedback on gameplay. While some might find the voice-over a bit much, it adds to the excitement, particularly in dark environments.

Laser X has a long history in the home laser tag market, and the Revolution model represents the latest and most refined iteration of their product line. This system includes four blasters with an impressive range of 300 feet, showcasing a significant advancement from their previous models.

Nerf Laser Ops Pro

Nerf’s Laser Ops Pro is their latest venture into smartphone-integrated laser tag. Although the idea of smartphone-based laser tag isn’t my personal favorite, the Nerf Laser Ops Pro offers a surprisingly solid experience in home laser tag.

Importantly, using smartphones is not mandatory for playing with these blasters. The smartphone integration is an added feature, but the blasters function excellently on their own without any app assistance.

Nerf, known for their foam dart blasters, launched the Laser Ops Pro set in mid-2018 as the successor to the popular Nerf Lazer Tag line, which included the widely acclaimed Phoenix LTX blaster (mentioned as number 5).

The Laser Ops Pro series includes two types of blasters: the AlphaPoint, a compact pistol-style blaster, and the DeltaBurst, resembling a sniper rifle. These blasters are available either individually or in sets, with the key feature being their compatibility with each other.

This set comes with two AlphaPoint blasters and rubber armbands for smartphone attachment. The infrared laser beams are emitted from the barrel, invisible and completely safe. The target receiver is located above the barrel, meaning vests aren’t necessary for gameplay.

Operating the blasters is simple: activate them with the rear power button, then select your team color—purple for free-for-all, red or green for team play. In team modes, you can only target players of the opposing color.

Regarding smartphones, they’re optional but add an interesting dimension. To use them, download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.

The app supports both single and multi-player battles, with options for single-device or all-device play. In all-device mode, not every player needs a smartphone. Single-device mode syncs all blasters to one smartphone via Bluetooth, with that phone serving as the game’s central hub.

Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX 2-Player Set

As previously mentioned, Nerf introduced the Laser Ops Pro series in 2018, a successor to their Lazer Tag line. The Phoenix LTX Tagger, a major component of that series, was originally released in 2008 and remains available today, despite the advent of the Laser Ops Pro. This enduring popularity underscores the Phoenix LTX’s status as one of the best home laser tag guns in the market.

This 2-player set comprises two Phoenix LTX taggers, designed to register hits through a combination of vibrations, lights, and sound effects. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these taggers feature adjustable settings to modify the firing range according to the environment.

A crucial aspect of gameplay is the ammo indicator, which alerts players to low ammunition. Running out of ammo triggers the need to press the power core release button, leaving players temporarily exposed—a strategic element that encourages precise aiming over indiscriminate firing.

Additionally, the blasters have a ‘strength’ setting, determining the number of hits a player can take before being out of the game. This setting ranges from 10 to 25 hits and is fixed during gameplay. The strength gauge keeps players informed about their remaining ‘lives’, adding another layer of strategy to the game.

Home Laser Tag Shopping Guide

When it comes to entertaining children, the choice between them scrolling through social media or engaging in exhilarating home laser tag games is a no-brainer for me!

Before committing to a home laser tag set, it’s wise to consider several factors. Let’s explore these key considerations.

Vests or no vests?

This boils down to personal preference. In my opinion, for home laser tag, playing without vests, making the guns the targets, is preferable. However, what matters most is what you find comfortable.

tactical vest

Home laser tag vests aren’t always as high-quality as those in professional arenas, which offer enhanced targets and accurate hit tracking. Nevertheless, kids often enjoy the added realism of wearing vests.

The challenge with not using vests is the need to target the guns instead of the body, which might feel less intuitive. However, most home laser tag guns have adequately sensitive sensors to make this workable.

Number of blasters

Home laser tag sets vary, with some offering two blasters and others four. Many are designed to be combined, so purchasing multiple sets of the same brand could enable larger games. Confirm compatibility before buying, though.

Also consider if the blasters support solo-play mode for individual practice, as this can be a valuable feature.

Sound effects

The intensity of sound effects varies across different blasters. While children may enjoy them, constant loud sounds can become overwhelming during extended play sessions.

Before buying, watching a YouTube video for a sound check is advisable. Remember, sound effects in most blasters can’t be turned off.

Shooting modes

Diverse shooting modes in laser tag guns add variety and strategic depth to games. Most modern blasters offer options like pistol, shotgun, and rocket launcher modes, with each mode impacting scoring differently. A set with these features is definitely a plus.

Ease of use

The complexity of blasters ranges significantly. Simpler designs are often better for younger children who may not need or appreciate complex features.

Even feature-rich blasters should be user-friendly. The sets listed above manage to balance a range of features with ease of use, making them excellent choices for home laser tag.



Choosing the perfect home laser tag set requires balancing a variety of factors to ensure the best possible gaming experience. Whether it’s opting for vests or no vests, considering the number of blasters, assessing sound effects, evaluating shooting modes, or ensuring ease of use, each element plays a critical role in enhancing the fun and engagement of laser tag at home.



Can Home Laser Tag Sets be Used Safely Indoors?
Yes, home laser tag sets are designed for safe indoor use. The infrared beams used in these sets are harmless and won’t damage furniture or walls. However, it’s always a good idea to clear a sufficient play area to avoid accidents.

Are Helmets Required for Home Laser Tag?
Helmets are not typically required for home laser tag as the infrared beams used are safe and do not pose any risk of injury. However, for a more immersive experience, some players might choose to wear light-up helmets or headbands that could serve as additional targets or for aesthetic purposes.

How Long Do Batteries Last in a Typical Laser Tag Gun?
Battery life varies depending on the model. Non-rechargeable laser tag guns may require battery changes after several hours of continuous play. Rechargeable models, like the Squad Hero set, offer longer play times per charge, usually enough for several games.

Can Different Brands of Laser Tag Sets be Used Together?
Generally, laser tag sets from different brands are not compatible due to differing infrared technologies and game mechanics. It’s best to use blasters and accessories from the same brand and series for seamless play.

Is there a Recommended Age for Home Laser Tag Sets?
Most home laser tag sets are suitable for children aged 8 and up. The ease of use, safety features, and durability make them ideal for this age group. However, adult supervision is recommended for younger children to ensure safe and fair play.