Even if you choose a tactical harness, go for one that’s brightly colored and sophisticatedly beautiful! Make your dog stand out in the pack. Choose from a wide range of tactical dog harness colors: black tactical dog harness, orange tactical dog harness, red tactical dog harness, pink tactical dog harness, pink camo tactical dog harness, and purple tactical dog harness.

Even with its many different bright colors, the Tactical Dog Carrier is versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and practical at the same time. Often using the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Loading Equipment) system, bags and equipment can be fitted. Easy to adjust flexible sizes, easy to attach leash metal loops, and reinforced handles make for better control in training your pet.

The frictionless harness is 100% escape-proof and the clip on the front allows you to train your dog to walk beside you without much effort.

Choose a colored tactical dog harness for your dog now, and make your dog stand out!

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Copyright © 2022 Powtegic. All Rights Reserved.
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