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  • Common Uses & Size Specifications: It is used for railing, outdoor decoration, craft projects, etc. We have every size and length combination. The brown twisted rope comes in pre-cut lengths of 10 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, 400 feet, 500 feet, 600 feet, and 1200 feet. The thickness of manila ropes can also be chosen from diameter options of 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch, 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inches, 2 inches, or 3 inches.
  • How To Store: The Manila natural fiber rope can be kept in any place around the house or garage with good ventilation. Dry areas work as the best place to store this large brown rope. It can also be stored in a shed or backyard. Keeping the rope covered will increase its lifespan.
  • Oil-treated Durability: Manila rope is produced in the Philippines. During production, cordage oil is applied to the fibers so they can be twisted into rope. The oil produces a smell that dissipates over time. In high-humidity climates, the smell will take slightly longer to fade away. This rope is primarily recommended for outdoor applications.
  • Alternative Options: While Manila is wonderful for many applications, it can’t be perfect for every situation. If Manila doesn’t suit your needs, SGT KNOTS stocks alternative natural or brown ropes. For crafting and indoor projects consider Jute Rope or Sisal Rope. For a heavy-duty rope project that requires resistance to more extreme environments, consider ProManila or UnManila.
  • Veteran Owned And Operated: Just like the Marine Corps, SGT KNOTS is committed to being the best of the best. We continue to live by the motto, Semper Fidelis—Always Faithful. Our loyalty to our customers is what makes us who we are, and the reason we continue to grow in popularity and product offerings. We promise to maintain the strength and consistency of our products. We also pass down our bulk savings to our customers!
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The story behind SGT KNOTS begins with Mike Shelley. After serving in the Marine Corps, Mike started a simple website selling custom paracord keychains and bracelets. At the time, paracord was the military’s best-kept secret.

Mike was shocked to discover how difficult it was to find paracord online, but even more shocked when his products began flying off the shelves faster than he could create them. The need for accessible, high-quality paracord was obviously out there, so Mike “SGT KNOTS” Shelley set out to make it happen.

As SGT KNOTS grew and branched out to new products – ropes, twines, cord – Mike saw a darker side of the rope supply industry. Suppliers masquerading as manufacturers and manufacturers using deceptive production techniques to cheapen products. The Marine Corps holds honesty and integrity in high regard. Mike knew SGT KNOTS would need to bring these values to the market.

Through years of trial and error, Mike built close relationships with reliable, top-quality American and international manufacturers that couldn’t get into big-box retailers, but that plenty of DIYers, boat owners, farmers and ranchers, and businesses wanted. An online marketplace was the obvious solution.

From humble beginnings, SGT KNOTS has grown into a global depot with a steady stream of products shipping from around the world. SGT KNOTS utilizes both international and USA-based factories to manufacture the highest quality products available and bring them to market at the best possible value.

SGT KNOTS is now the leading website for all things paracord, rope, twine, and more! Through their ever-growing network of honest manufacturers, SGT KNOTS can source any order, from small personal use supplies to custom bulk savings packages.

If you need a rope, cord, twine, or cable and you don’t see it in our current offerings, let us know and we can get it to you. That’s an SGT KNOTS promise.

Twisted Manila Hemp Rope Twisted Jute Rope Twisted Cotton Rope Twisted ProManila Unmanila Rope Twisted Sisal Rope
Twisted Manila Twisted Jute Twisted Cotton Twisted ProManila / UnManila Twisted Sisal
Material Manila Hemp Jute Cotton Polypropelene Sisal
Diameter Options 1/4 in – 3 in 1/8 in – 1 in 3/16 in – 1.5 in 1/4 in – 2 in 3/16 in – 1 in
Length Options 10 ft – 600 ft 10 ft – 600 ft 10 ft – 600 ft 10 ft – 600 ft 10 ft – 1000 ft
Primary Use Outdoor/ Landscaping Indoor / Crafting Indoor / Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor

Diameter: Metric : Tensile Strength: Safe Load

1/4-Inch : 6 mm : 540 lbs. : 45 lbs.

5/16-Inch : 7.9 mm : 900 lbs. : 75 lbs.

3/8-Inch : 9.5 mm : 1,215 lbs. : 100 lbs.

1/2-Inch : 13 mm : 2,385 lbs. : 200 lbs.

5/8-Inch : 16 mm : 3,960 lbs. : 330 lbs.

3/4-Inch : 19 mm : 4,860 lbs. : 405 lbs.

1-Inch : 25 mm : 8,100 lbs. : 675 lbs.

1.25-Inch : 31.8 mm : 12,150 lbs. : 1,012 lbs.

1.5-Inch : 36 mm : 16,650 lbs. : 1,390 lbs.

2-Inch : 48 mm : 27,900 lbs. : 2,330 lbs.

3-Inch : 76 mm : 57,600 lbs. : 4,800 lbs.


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