Choosing the perfect backpack can be tricky but if you know what to look for, it doesn’t have to be too daunting. There are three main things to consider: capacity, features, and fit. Capacity determines how much weight your bag will hold without causing discomfort or strain; features decide whether a particular pack is suited towards certain activities; and fit references the length of your torso which directly affects overall comfort while carrying around whatever cargo you’re packing up!

For those looking for an adventure on the go, a weekend backpack is essential. These packs are perfect for packing light and ensuring your gear stays in place during 1-3 nights away from home – no matter how limited space may be! With careful planning and self-discipline, these bags make it easy to get up and out of town quickly while still having all you need close at hand. Get ready to hit the road with a great weekend bag!

For those weekend escapes or long-term adventures, Powtegic offers the perfect backpacking packs. Whether you’re planning a 3 day getaway in warm weather climates or need more space for skiing and other multi-sport activities during shorter trips – there’s an ideal 50 to 80 litre pack available. Make your next journey even better with one of these stylish, comfortable options!

Planning a lengthy getaway? Look no further than the 70 litre travel bag. Perfect for winter treks, family trips or backpacking with your little one in tow – this durable option is designed to accommodate all of necessary gear from extra clothing and sleeping bags to full-on four season tents! Get ready for adventure with a reliable pack that you can trust long term.

BackPack Feature:

Powtegic offers a selection of backpacks, each with unique features that make them perfect for different activities. For adventurous treks on rough terrain, an inner frame backpack is the preferred choice as it hugs your body and helps support any heavy or irregular load; while external frame packs offer great ventilation along with lots of storage options if you’re transporting larger items. No matter what type pack you choose from Powtegic’s range, they’ll help ensure your hikes are safe and comfortable!

Hikers who prioritize speed and minimalism can find their match in frameless backpacks. Though they may sacrifice comfort for a lighter load, those looking to go fast or climb without the weight of a frame will love this convenient option.

For a comfortable carry, some backpacks have innovative ventilation systems. Suspension with tension mesh provides an airy trampoline-like experience where the bag is kept separate from your body as you wear it – no more sweaty backs! And for extra breathability, look out for ‘chimneys’ in the backpack’s panels which promote optimal airflow while carrying.

When loading a backpack, it’s key to store items needed during the day or while hiking near the top for easy access. But with panel-opening backpacks, accessing belongings doesn’t require unloading everything else – giving you more freedom of movement! All that convenience comes at an extra cost though; these packs usually weigh slightly heavier and come with a bigger price tag.

Pockets can offer much more than a place to stow your belongings – they can help make navigation, comfort and access easier! Elastic side pockets provide the perfect stretch for holding water bottles or tent poles. Hip belt ones are ideal for keeping snacks, phones and other important items close at hand during hikes. And paddle pockets have been upgraded from functionality as snow shovel holders in 3-season packs; now use them to store maps easily and keep lightweight layers within easy reach when outdoors.

Raincover keep your journey going without interruption, even in rainy weather. The inside of this lightweight protective fabric is treated to be waterproof – though it’s best not to test its limits too much as water may seep through seams and zippers. Plus, you’ll benefit from having an extra layer which will absorb any weighty rainfall before they can reach you.


Ready to carry your gear with ease and confidence? Make sure you have the right-sized backpack! It’s important that it fits according to the length of your torso, not overall height or hip circumference. Let a friend help out or ask an POWTEGIC sales specialist for assistance in finding your perfect fit; our guide on Finding Your Torso & Hip Size can also give you step-by-step instructions.

Packages of all sizes are available, so you can find the perfect fit for your trunk length. Different providers and genders offer a range that best suits their needs; check out the product specifications tab to know if what fits your size requirements! And with adjustable suspension features, even those who share a pack between family members have options.

For optimal comfort, ensure your backpack’s weight is borne by the hips. With hip belts available in sizes from 20 to 40 inches, you should easily find one that fits snugly for extra stability on any journey. If your waist size falls outside of this range or requires an even tighter fit, many backpacks come with interchangeable hip belts so tailored support is just a switch away!

If you’re looking for an extra boost of comfort, the backpack is equipped with two lifting straps that can bring it closer to your body and reduce the weight on your groin. The sternum strap also ensures improved stability when hiking or trekking across difficult terrain – so no matter where you roam, this pack has got you covered!