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This compact freezer can be used in cars on 12/24V DC and in homes on 110V to 240V AC. Great for home/car use. Lots of space and temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F) to keep food fresh. Built-in telescopic handle and rollers and easy-to-view temperature control panel. Great for outdoor camping, caravanning, boat trips, etc.

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Main Features:

🧊【Multifunctional Refrigerator and Freezer】You can get a freezer or refrigerator by adjusting the temperature (-20 ℃~20℃/-4℉~68℉). Simply set the temperature to 32℉ or lower and the Powtegic portable freezer will keep your ice cream frozen without the need to buy ice, no more worrying about food freezing or the hassle of cleaning after the ice has melted. Great for storing tasty treats even on outdoor camping/car trips!

🧊【Large Capacity This 12V freezer can hold multiple bottles of drinks and water and is available in 8 capacities. Great for storing ice cream, drinks, vegetables, pasta, muffins, hamburgers, salads, biscuits, and more. Meet your needs at home/traveling/camping.

🧊 【Easy to carry】Trolley design for easy movement. Compared with other bulky portable freezers, this car freezer brings you more convenience with its small and sturdy handle and wheels. Those quiet wheels and foldable handles won’t take up extra space in your car. You can take this portable freezer anywhere with less effort and in a much easier way.

🧊 【Humanized Design】The bottom of the camping fridge is designed with anti-slip, which can greatly reduce lateral displacement, prevent bumping and shaking, and keep the car fridge running properly. Perfect for camping, road trips, caravans, and boats.

🧊 【Energy Saving & Environmental Protection】With a low power rating of 70W, the battery protection system automatically shuts off the portable freezer fridge, effectively preventing the car battery from running out while being used in the car. Allows you to camp and stand by for longer periods of time and enjoy your trip. Automatic battery low voltage protection, reverse power supply protection, and power cut-off memory for greater safety and security!


Color: Black & White
Material: ABS + PP
Household Charging: AC110-240V Wide Voltage
Car Charging: DC12/24V universal
Power Consumption: 50W
Capacity: 15L / 25L / 30L / 35L / 40L / 45L / 50L / 55L
Temperature Range: -20 ℃~20℃ / -4℉~68℉
Battery Protection: Voltage Protection
Noise: 35 decibels
Control Panel: LED Display Touch Screen (30L, 35L, 40L, 45L, 50L, 55L), LCD Panel (15L, 25L)

  • 15L : 615 * 365 * 315mm / 24.21 * 14.37 * 12.40inch
  • 25L : 610 * 384 * 400mm / 24.0 * 15.1 * 15.7inch
  • 30L : 650 * 400 * 430mm / 25.60 * 15.75 * 17.0 inch
  • 35L : 726 * 390 * 373mm / 28.60 * 15.36 * 14.69inch
  • 40L : 650 * 400 * 500mm / 25.59 * 15.75 * 19.6inch
  • 45L : 726 * 390 * 443mm / 28.60 * 15.36 * 17.45inch
  • 50L : 650 * 400 * 570mm / 25.59 * 15.75 * 22.44inch
  • 55L : 726 * 390 * 513mm / 27.95 * 15.36 * 20.20inch

Package Includes:

35L / 45L / 55L:

  • 1 *  Refrigerator
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * AC Adapter
  • 1 * Screwdriver
  • 1 * DC Power Cord

15L / 25L / 30L / 40L / 50L:

  • 1 * Refrigerator
  • 1 * DC Power Cord
  • 1 * AC Adapter
  • 1 * User Manual


Why Choose Our Powtegic Camping Travel Home/Car Use Freezer?

The Powtegic car fridge can be run both at home and in the car. You can use it at home with an AC adapter connected to it, while you can also run it in your car/caravan/truck/boat with a DC power core.

With a high-density polyurethane insulating layer and the semiconductor chip, this car freezer will keep your food and stuff cool for a long time after turning it off.

With two smooth wheels on the side, the friendly design of the portable fridge makes it easier to haul your car fridge without worrying about bumps. The portable fridge can be towed when the handle is extended. When retracted it can be folded and hidden to save space.

The noise level of the car fridge is 45dB when tested at a distance of one meter. 12v fridges do not interfere with sleeping or driving. This portable freezer can be placed snugly in your room, in the boot of your car, or in the bed of your truck/caravan.

Additional information

Color Name

35L Car Home, 25L, 50L, 55L Car Home, 40L


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