Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress With Pillow


Sleep comfortably anytime, anywhere with our PowTegic Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress With Pillow in a variety of sleeping positions!
The ergonomic pillow supports the head and the scientific and humane square pattern design supports the body. When lying down, it distributes the pressure to avoid lying directly on hard ground.
When not in use, it allows being deflated and rolled up, and put into a storage bag. This makes traveling and storing our camping mats easy and hassle-free. You’ll be able to sleep well wherever you go.



Open the first valve and blow it with 5-10 breath


Open the second valve, and deflate it in one second


Ergonomic design relieves neck stress, and the pillow won’t slide

Main Features:

?? Durable & Long-Lasting: Designed for long-term use, the sleeping mat is made of extra-thick, non-toxic nylon, which is light but durable, puncture-resistant, waterproof, and tear-resistant. The thermoformed seal and TPU coating make the camping mat fit well in harsh conditions (rain, snow, cold winters, uneven ground, etc.), keep you warm, and are easy to clean. You can say goodbye to back aches and other discomforts usually left by bumps and rocks under your tent floor!

?? Comfortable & Ergonomic: With its unique ergonomic design, the air support unit is designed to limit airflow and heat loss. The cubed surface is designed to conform to the natural curves of the human body, so you’ll be comfortable whether you’re lying on your back, side, or top-down. It is comfortable and enjoyable.

?? Compact & Portable: The inflatable camping sleeping mattress can be deflated within seconds and stored in a 10 × 4 inches package. It is compact and portable. Deflate and roll up into the included storage bag and take it anywhere you want.  Perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and backpacking. Even if you are at home sleeping on the floor, you can access it as you want, without taking up storage space.

?? Reliable & Good Load-Bearing Capacity: The air cushion is heat-sealed around the edges to withstand the weight of many people without bursting or leaking. The specially designed two-way valve prevents air leakage, so don’t worry about getting up in the middle of the night to inflate it, just get a good night’s sleep.

?? Easy To Inflation And Deflation: Easy to inflate with 5-10 breaths and deflate within one second by an open valve. No matter if you are a man, a woman, younger or older you’ll be able to inflate and deflate the pad easily.


  • Product Name: PowTegic Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress With Pillow
  • Material: Nylon & TPU Seal Coating
  • Weight: 522 g/ 1.1 lb
  • Color: Camo Grey-Green, Camo Green, Grass Green, Blue, Orange, Gradient Blue
  • Size Before Filling: 26 * 10 cm/10.24 * 3.94 in (Long * Wide)
  • Size After Filling: 190 * 60 * 5 cm /74.8 * 23.62 * 1.97 in (Long * Wide * Thick)
  • Storage Bag Size: 26 * 10 cm/10 * 4 in
  • Package List: 1 * Air Mattress + 1 * Storage Bag

Why Choose Our PowTegic Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress With Pillow?

Support your body with a quality lightweight camping inflatable sleeping mat and enjoy a deeper, more relaxing sleep! Ideal for hiking, backpacking, or camping, providing you with better comfort and support.

If you want to maximize your sleep outdoors, make sure you take the PowTegic Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress With Pillow with you. It’s small, light, and portable comes with its own pillow, and is super comfortable in whatever position you prefer to sleep in. Even if you’re outdoors/in the wilderness or sleep on the floor, you’ll still need to sleep comfortably!

Perfect for a weekend away with friends or just a night out at a family gathering, take one with you wherever you go for an excellent comfortable night’s sleep. Enjoy your wonderful night with our PowTegic Inflatable Camping Sleeping Mattress With Pillow ??

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Blue, Gradient Blue, Orange


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